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Alps Bio Cluster is a European project, co-funded by the ERDF under the Alpine Space programme, that aims to unite research, industrial, and training resources in Biotech and Medtech sectors over an extended transalpine area.

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8 Partners from 6 Alpine regions

Duration: from 2008 to 2011

During 3 years, the partners will support transalpine cooperation between R&D centres, universities, start-ups and SMEs by creating thematic networks uniting resources from academic, industrial and training environments.


 2 thematic networks

"Autonomy and Healthcare" (WP5) and "New diagnosis and therapies" (WP6)

Cross-sectoral approaches

Linking green and red biotech with environmental health

Bridging ICT and medical devices with healthcare at home

Marketing of the Alpine Brand

"A Healthy life at home in the Alps in a natural environment worth to be preserved"


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