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Autonomy and Healthcare Network


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Why "Autonomy and Healthcare"?


Strong capacities are present in this lead market in the Alpine Space (more than 500 companies, numerous research institutes...) but gathering very different competencies is necessary to produce innovating product and services responding to end-users'expectations. This network through transnational cooperation will enable you to develop your company.

Furthermore, "Autonomy and Healthcare" network adresses the future market of ICT and health. This market is very promising as it will respond to the need of reducing the cost due to the care while improving the entire health system.


Objective: to initiate and support collaborative transnational network

Finding complementary partners for SMEs is a key to have a better access to market with a more integrated offer, especially in this field where the network of diversified skills (ICT, medical devices and services) and actors is an absolut necessity to federate critical size resources.


Network building actions



You participated in one of these events? Please take 10 minutes to answer to the online questionnaire by clicking here.

Your contribution is very important for us and it will help us in designing a sustainable model for our cluster and its activities. All the information you will provide will be used for the project purposes only.



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