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"e-Health 2011", 11-12 April 2011, Lausanne - Report

                                                                          Lausanne Event


"Working in e-Health: What can Europe do for you ?", 11 April (2.00pm-6.30pm), Lausanne, EPFL

Room AI 1153 (Life Sciences Building)


The Alps Bio Cluster team decided to organize a thematic meeting on the European funding opportunities for the telemedicine field backed to the event “e-Health 2011”, 12 April 2011 in Lausanne.

The event was supported by the Swiss Agency for European Research and Innovation – EURESEARCH, and experts of EU-funded projects – VITAMIB. The objective of the meeting was to enable the participants to identify the most adapted European financing tools to their needs and projects.


Programme for uploading is available here

Key figures of the event:
13 participants from France, Germany and Switzerland
o    7 SMEs
o    4 research institutes
o    1 university
o    1 association

8 face-to-face meetings enabled the participants to have personalized advices

We would like to thank you all the participants of this event that make it very interested and fruitful.



 "e-Health 2011", 12 April 2011, Lausanne, Rolex Learning Center


BioAlps organized on April 12 the first conference in Lausanne dedicated to e-Health (or telemedicine). This area is revolutionizing the way medicine will be performed tomorrow. Beyond the technological challenges that lie ahead, this evolution in medical and clinical practices raises a number of issues, in particular at the societal, legal, political and socio-economic levels.

Speakers from numerous countries could present their views and projects during a long day in the beautiful Rolex Learning Center of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. A total of 177 participants, including the Head of Unit, ICT for health, Directorate INFSO of the European commission in Brussels, made this event a lively and fruitful event.


The full programme of the day is available here.


The presentations of the day will be soon available on

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