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Leading Group "Converging technologies"


Alps Bio Cluster “Converging Technologies and Personalized Medicine” leading group


Alps Bio Cluster team is setting up a “Converging Technologies and Personalized Medicine” group of high-qualified experts in order to animate the “New diagnosis & therapy” network.


1st meeting of the Leading Group - Biotech 2010, 26th of October, Milan, Italy

The first meeting will be focused on:

  • Round table: presentation of each participant and expectations for taking part to the “Converging technologies and Personalized Medicine” leading group.
  • Identification key common area of interest within the fields covered by Personalized Medicine
  • First expressions of interest for the creation of partnerships related to specific EU calls. Click here to see the currently opened EU calls.
Output: Creation of ad hoc partnerships and submission of at least two project proposals within EU programs.

The deadline for registration and submission of Partner Request Form is October 8th,, 2010.

Please click here to download the FORM

For any information and the submission of Partner Request Form please contact:

Mara Tumiati (CCIAA Milan) -

Tel: + 0039.

Andrea Vallan (CCIAA Milan) -



Personalized Medicine can be considered as an extension of traditional approaches to understanding and treating diseases, but with greater precision. This means the tailoring of medical treatments to the individual genetic characteristics of each patient. 

Possible benefits are huge: it shifts emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention, reducing the error rate in drug prescription and clinical trials and, in a long term, reducing the overall cost of healthcare system.

However, the innovative, cross-sector and highly-specialistic characteristics of PM make of it a very difficult topic to be addressed to, as long as it is a cutting-edge approach which involves advanced technologies and raises social issues as genetic mapping as well.

Mission & Objectives

The “Converging Technologies and Personalized Medicine” group will not only be transnational but also multidisciplinary, as long as PM applications address different industries and field as biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, ICT, medical devices ...

A wider perspective will be moreover assured via the involvement of different participants from companies, academics, research institutes, insurance and venture capitalists.


You will have the chance to interact with transalpine experts from different backgrounds and bring your expertise in order to build innovative solutions for an innovative market.


The objectives are to:


  • Identification of project ideas that could be set up at the European level within a European call
  • Building of  transnational networks in order to apply for European calls
  • Set up of European projects and applications (financial support from Alps Bio Cluster for setting up phase of the project)


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