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Focus group "Ecosystem Services for human health"

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Alps Bio Cluster Focus group: “Ecosystem services for human health”


For more information, please contact at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich:

Pr. Peter Schröder =

Tel: + 0049.

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Green biotechnologies constitute some of the most important instruments to preserve our environment for future generations. Particularly the Alpine Space as one of the most attractive regions for living and working needs specific solutions at a small scale.

For this purpose, the Alps Bio Cluster team is setting up a focus group on “Ecosystem services for human health”, consisting  of highly-qualified experts who will to identify trends and needs of green biotechnologies in the Alpine Space.
This transnational focus group will represent green biotech applications for the environment, economy, health and social fields. The consortium aims to involve companies, academics, public bodies and  research institutes.

Members will have the chance to interact with transalpine experts and to build up a consortium of expertise in order to prepare innovative solutions for an innovative market.


Green Biotechnologies cover a wide range of requirements: modern biotechnology methods for plant improvement, namely genetic engineering in plant breeding, metabolite profiling and improvement of nutrition, but also technologies for end-users such as constructed wetlands. Technological improvements in these fields are crucial, because their potential benefits range from environmental and health issues to social and economic implications, but also to resolve the cultural controversy on genetically modified crops.

Green Biotech offers as well the opportunity to successfully address EU public policy goals, among the others sustainability, reduction of CO2 emission, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

The Alps Bio Cluster team recognizes the lack of reliability and cooperation in this sector. On this basis, the focus group is intended to be a representative voice of the alpine space, through which the above issues could be addressed.

Mission & Objectives


  • Set up a system of criteria and indicators to point out local needs of Green biotechnologies and fields to be addressed (STEP-like analysis).
  • Production of draft guidelines for policymaking and decision making in the field of adoption of specific Green biotechnologies.
  • Identification of collaborative / research projects that could be set up at a European level.

The constitution of this focus group has been presented during the 7th Phytotechnology Conference, in Parma (26 to 29 Sept. 2010). Some experts are already very interested by this initiative.

You can find informaton about the conference here... Click here

A first meeting with already identified experts will be organised during the Spring seminar in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Mid-May 2011(date to be confirmed).


The first meeting will include:


  •      Presentations of key-players in green biotechnologies
  •      Identification of key success factors for transnational projects
  •      Identification of chances within the alpine space
  •      Formation of task forces to stimulate the drafting of research proposals within the Life Plus Programme


Output: Draft documents on policymaking in GBT field, STEP-like analysis tool, submission of EU project proposals, transalpine networking

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